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Actual Energy and LiftTruck Parts and Service have formed a partnership based on a shared mission of supporting customers’ emissions reduction efforts. The companies’ synergy is exciting: both prioritize environmental sustainability and promote the electrification of heavy machinery and equipment. We asked LiftTruck’s Mario Sotolotto to give us some background about his company and the BYD USA EV line.  

Tell us about the history of LiftTruck Parts and Service.

LiftTruck parts and service was founded in 1987 by my father, Mario A. Sotolotto. We started as a parts and service business only, but became a new forklift truck provider. The Sotolotto family has been in the material handling business since 1968. We strive for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. 

How did your BYD partnership come about?

In 2019, while in Italy, I met another forklift dealer at a meeting for another brand. He told me how revolutionary BYD was and I was very intrigued. Flash forward to 2020: Billy Marksbury and Tim Witts, with whom we worked closely when they worked for another manufacturer, were hired at BYD. They reached out to me.

You have years of experience in the construction equipment industry. In your opinion, what is so exciting about these new BYD forklifts? 

The two most exciting things about the product are sustainability and the rapid charge times. It’s really incredible—the BYD forklift batteries run for seven hours on a one-hour charge. BYD is focused on sustainability and community, so becoming a BYD dealer was an easy decision. 

What do you think are the main drivers of EV adoption in the industries your business serves (and what are those industries)? 

Cost of fuel and environmental sustainability. We work with a lot of lumber yards, warehouses, cold storage units, concrete yards, etc. All of these businesses are cost and carbon conscious. 

How do you see Actual Energy’s product and services benefitting your customers? 

Their costs would be so low that the truck would basically run for free. If my customers use Actual Energy as their electricity supplier, they will have access to hourly pricing and be encouraged to charge at off-peak times, when prices are really low. 

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