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Many energy consumers are interested in achieving up to 100% renewable/green components along with their supply. There are various methods to increase renewable supply above state-mandated percentages. However, it is important to realize just how high the current state-mandated percentages are, what the current plans are for increases and, of course, the approximate added cost for compliance (see Table 1).

Actual Energy can help to provide ways for energy consumers to increase those percentages. Our experts will outline a number of opportunities to address the issue. With our direct-to-market approach, we can ensure that you will incur the lowest acquisition cost and have complete transparency on all voluntary renewable components.

Among the choices available to New England customers are buying incremental Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that are part of the various existing state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) programs. These RECs are generally certified and registered through the New England Power Pool Generation Information System (NEPOOL GIS). Customers also have the option of acquiring RECs from other regions that may be certified/ registered through other state or private entities.

Actual Energy can also help customers interested in shrinking their carbon footprint by buying carbon credits, carbon offsets or exploring other methods. Finally, under certain circumstances, we will consult with customers that may wish to explore special one-off supply arrangements to help achieve sustainability goals. In sum, with transparent pricing, no markups nor embedded costs, Actual Energy procures green components for its customers at the lowest cost, freeing up resources for even more green purchases.

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