Actual Energy offers customers a wide range of ways to Green-UP their energy supply. We provide options that are unparalleled in the industry in terms of their breadth. Our renewables experts and wholesale power team collaborate with customers to educate, explain and implement the exact Green-UP solution desired. Like our supply offering, Green-UP offers customers direct access to the wholesale market, the lowest cost, and complete transparency on all cost components.

Actual Energy helps you attain your sustainability goals

Carbon Response

Carbon intensity alerts, carbon tracking, and granular emissions data—all at no extra cost. Our expert advisory services help customers achieve sustainability goals.

Physical Green Power

Under some circumstances customers may prefer to flow physical green power to Green-UP their power supply. Actual Energy’s Supply Desk stands ready to facilitate such transactions.


Under our REC-based programs, Actual Energy will acquire RECs ratably in a proportion specified by the customer. The customer can also specify the type of REC to be acquired.

Low Impact Hydro

These are hydroelectric projects that avoid or significantly reduce their environmental impacts.

Carbon Offsets

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint (from purchased electricity or from elsewhere in the value chain), by purchasing Green-e certified carbon offsets through Actual Energy.


Actual Energy stands ready to consider other customized, one-off structures that relate to generation project financing (PPSs and VPPAs).

Unlike other suppliers, Actual Energy has the capability and flexibility to design and accommodate virtually any type of structure to address a customer’s sustainability goals. Please reach out to us at and you will be promptly contacted by one of our experts.

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